Tell the Senate: Reject John Ratcliffe!


Mere months after facing bipartisan opposition, Trump has decided to renominate a loyal political ally, Rep. John Ratcliffe to fill one of our nation's most important roles.

If confirmed, Ratcliffe would inevitably politicize a role that both parties have long extolled for it's nonpartisan nature; and with ongoing national security threats from foreign adversaries, we cannot allow Trump to pick someone who would have a clear agenda of trying to appease him!

I urge you to again REJECT John Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence - there is too much at stake!

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    Reject Ratcliffe!

    After a failed nomination just last fall, President Trump has decided to RENOMINATE one of his favorite political lackey's – Rep. John Ratcliffe, to be Director of National Intelligence – a role he is completely unqualified to fill.

    An ardent supporter of Trump, Ratcliffe doesn't miss an opportunity to come to his defense, including doing everything he could to de-legitimize the impeachment proceedings when the House was conducting their investigations.

    Even some Republicans question Ratcliffe's credentials for the job, including the fact that he has been known to over-exaggerate his national defense and security expertise! Many fear Ratcliffe would continue to politicize the intelligence community; at a time when our nation is especially vulnerable to ongoing election interference from foreign adversaries – a threat Trump continues to downplay.

    Sign the petition today and demand that the Senate once again REJECT political lackey, John Ratcliffe!

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