Tell DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: Get serious about protecting our elections!

To Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen:

Our democracy and fair elections need to be protected from meddling by Russia and others. So far states are disappointed with the response from your department and these threats need to be taken seriously. I demand you take real action to protect American elections!

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    In 2016 we witnessed an all-out assault on our democracy by way of election meddling at an unprecedented scale from Russia. We are still reeling from the damage done in 2016 and understanding the scale of the Russian attack.

    The biggest elections since 2016 are only a few months away and many states still don’t feel adequately equipped to handle cyber-attacks we know are coming from Russia. The Department of Homeland Security has warned the government about future hacking attempts, but have done little to actually safeguard our elections -- and our democracy -- from Russian hackers.

    Tell Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to get serious about protecting our elections from Russian hackers >>

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