Demand that the Senate Reform the "Blue Slip" Process!


Reform the blue slip process so that vacant district court judgeships will be filled and equal access to justice can be provided to ALL people – regardless of where they live.

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    Right now, America has two systems of justice. Our Constitution and civil rights laws are supposed to protect everyone. But increasingly, in red states, federal courts don’t protect the rights of all people.

    An old Senate tradition that lets senators have some influence over who is selected to be federal district court judges in their states is being exploited by Republican senators. Called the “blue slip” tradition, this practice lets home-state senators submit a blue slip of paper to indicate whether they support a nominee in their state. In recent years, Judiciary Committee chairs have chosen not to hold hearings on district court nominees unless both home state senators approve.

    Unsurprisingly – in their quest to maintain a conservative stronghold on the federal judiciary – Republicans are refusing to return blue slips and blocking the Senate from even considering President Biden’s judicial nominees in their states. In so doing, they are blocking the appointment of federal judges who will protect the rights of all people in their states. In fact, knowing senators have this power often prevents presidents from nominating qualified people at all.

    Republican senators are rigging the judicial system in their states, affecting countless Americans – and we must not stand for it.

    Sign our petition now and demand that the Senate reform the blue slip process!

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