Stop the Racist Attacks on SCOTUS Nominee!


Some among your ranks have attacked President Biden's eventual Supreme Court nominee – before even knowing who the nominee will be – with disparaging suggestions about the person's qualifications that are both racist and sexist.

President Biden’s promise to nominate a well-qualified Black woman to the Supreme Court this year should be celebrated, and the president has a deep bench of highly qualified potential nominees to choose from.

I demand that you reject these cynical and divisive attacks, which are clear appeals to bigotry, and instead work to ensure a fair process for considering the nomination of whoever President Biden selects to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.

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    Within hours of Justice Breyer announcing his retirement and President Biden confirming that he would uphold his promise to nominate a well-qualified Black woman to the Supreme Court, the Right Wing erupted in racist and sexist dog whistles.

    Notably, these attacks are being thrown at a nominee who has not even been named. The Right is so threatened by the thought of a highly qualified Black woman with a demonstrated commitment to justice and equality for all being named to our highest court that they couldn’t even wait to hurl their vitriol.

    Senate Republicans must reject such outrageous behavior and commit to a fair review of the record of whoever is nominated to fill the vacancy on the Court. Tell Senators to reject these attacks on President Biden’s prospective nominee!

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