Tell Senators to Vote No on Brett Talley


Brett Talley is only the third person ever that the American Bar Association has unanimously rated "not qualified." He has never tried a case, he omitted his wife's position as the chief of staff for the White House council on his Senate questionnaire, and has hyper-partisan beliefs that make him unfit for a lifetime appointment as a federal judge. I urge you to vote no on confirming Brett Talley!

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    The bar for Trump’s judicial nominees is so low it might as well be on the floor. Last week Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee approved Brett Talley, a Trump nominee who has only three years of experience practicing law, has never tried a case, and who was rated unanimously “not qualified” for a federal judgeship by the American Bar Association – their lowest rating.

    Talley also omitted that his wife is the chief of staff for the White House counsel and who was recently questioned in the Mueller investigation when asked about potential conflicts of interest.

    And Talley is also remarkably partisan for a judicial nominee. On his blog, Talley pledged support for the NRA and mocked gun control after the Sandy Hook massacre… he has retweeted Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory site Infowars (which infamously claimed that Sandy Hook was a hoax), and called for Hillary Clinton to be “locked up” (while referring to her as Hillary “Rotten” Clinton).

    Tell Senators to vote no on this unqualified, hyper-partisan nominee!

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