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Millions across the country are now facing the consequences of Trump's latest attempt to undermine the USPS. With sorting machines being removed or slowed down, service hours scaled back, collection boxes removed from communities and more, the deliberate effort to slow the postal service is quickly taking effect.

We want to know if the changes have impacted you in any way (especially if it has already impacted your ability to vote in an election this year) and if so, we're hoping to hear your story. What does the postal service changes mean to you?

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    How do you benefit from the services that the USPS offers? Share your story about what's at stake for YOU if Trump and his Republican enablers continue their efforts to undermine the Postal Service:

    As the nation continues grappling with the effects of the pandemic that has been raging since early this year, Trump's sagging polling data has his desperation reaching new levels. It wasn't enough for Trump to lie about vote-by-mail as an attempt to discourage states from implementing it, he now seeks to undermine the USPS in order to prevent states from effectively using it! The USPS is a lifeline for countless people across the country and now Trump is creating unnecessary delays that as a result of service reductions, will be a threat to our democracy!

    Have the recent USPS service changes impacted you in any way? Please share your story!

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