Congress: Stop Trump's attack on the census!

To Congress:

Census data is used to draw electoral districts and allocate government and non-profit funding for programs like education, infrastructure, hospitals, and other community services. As such, it is absolutely vital that the information collected in the census be accurate. Please stop the Trump administration's attempt to include a potentially intimidating question about citizenship that could undermine the accuracy the 2020 census!

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    The latest appalling move from the Trump administration is the inclusion of an untested citizenship question on the 2020 census for the first time since 1950.

    With Trump’s aggressively anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies in play, it is likely that fear of how this question will be used could significantly reduce response for the census. This is no accident -- it’s a part of a GOP strategy to disenfranchise communities of color. Driving down the response from low-income communities and communities of color could have dire consequences.

    These communities would end up underrepresented in the drawing of electoral districts, diluting their voting power, and would likely end up starved of resources because census data is used by the government and non-profits to allocate funding and services.

    Add your name to call on Congress to stop the Trump administration's attempt to collect citizenship data on the census!

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