Senators: Stop Trumpcare!


The American Health Care Act, passed by the House of Representatives, is a cruel and dangerous bill that would eliminate access to healthcare for millions of Americans and drive up costs for millions more. This "Trumpcare" bill is a nonstarter in any good faith efforts to strengthen America’s healthcare system.

I demand that you OPPOSE the AHCA/BCRA and reject efforts to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act.


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    Trumpcare passed the House in a vote that should make House Republicans ashamed for a long time to come. They rammed the American Health Care Act through even though with little debate and no Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score, just so Trump and House Republicans could score a "win."

    Now, Republican senators are trying to ram through a version of the bill that, in many ways, is even worse. Your senators need to know how strongly you oppose this bill so that they can stop it in its tracks.

    Tell your senators: Stop Trumpcare!

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