Trump: You MUST denounce white supremacy, hate crimes, and domestic terrorism.

Donald Trump:

You need to FINALLY speak out forcefully against bigotry, hate crimes, and the "Alt-right." Your silence emboldens these racists every day, and racial, ethinic, and religious minorities are suffering for it. End your shameful silence and reject the support of the "Alt-right", white supremacists, and Nazis.

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    Emboldened by Trump's election, white supremacists, Nazis, and the "Alt-right" have perpetuated public acts of hatred and violence that have steadily increased in volume. A mosque in Minnesota was bombed. A Nazi-admiring white supremacist and Trump supporter drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters and killed one 32-year-old woman and injured many otheres. People of color have reported significant escalations in racist harrassment.

    It is time for Trump and his administration to forcefully denounce bigotry, hate crimes, and the "Alt-right" white nationalist movement. This hate does not exist "on all sides" and it is disingenuous for Trump to equate the violence from his fiercely loyal Alt-right supporters with the actions of counter-protesters.

    Demand Trump take a REAL stand against white supremacy, hate crimes, and acts of hate-motivated domestic terrorism.

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