Remove and Rename: No More Tributes to the Confederacy

To: Local and State Decisionmakers

Public monuments to confederate leaders, including statues and the names of schools, streets, parks, and government buildings, should come down or have their names changed. These monuments are a disgrace – they honor those who fought to destroy the United States in order to preserve the institution of slavery and perpetuate a tradition of white supremacy and hate. I'm calling on you to investigate and dismantle these monuments.

I urge you to remove or rename all monuments to the Confederacy in our communities.

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    Cities and counties across the country are removing monuments to confederate soldiers and perpetrators of slavery. Celebrating those who fought to preserve the institution of slavery is a celebration of white supremacy, and these confederate tributes serve as a painful daily reminder to people of color, and in particular Black people, that their lives and contributions are valued less than those of white people and sends the message to millions of Americans that they and their communities are not fully welcome as part of their towns, states, and country.

    Add your name to this petition calling for the removal of all monuments to the confederacy, including school building names, street names, and statues!

    There is so much work to be done to address our nation's long history and legacy of slavery, racism, and white supremacy. Removing these monuments to stop celebrating these figures will not repair that history, but it is a good start toward building a more just future.

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