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    andrew gillum

    Next call shift for Andrew Gillum: THURSDAY, Nov 1, 12:00PM—9:00PM Eastern Time

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    Andrew Gillum is an amazing progressive leader and his election as governor of Florida could reshape the politics of that state and send shock waves through the entire country. Florida is America's largest swing state, one of our top priorities this year, and it's race for governor one of the most exciting elections in the country. 

    Andrew is not just one of this year’s most dynamic progressive candidates. Like you, he is part of the PFAW family – Andrew’s first job out of college was with our affiliate PFAW Foundation, where he went on to lead PFAWF’s youth leadership programs until last year.

    On the other side, Republican Ron DeSantis is campaigning as a Trump acolyte and even had an ad where he touted just how Trumpy he is, showing him teaching his children to love Trump … reading Trump’s book "The Art of the Deal" to his infant, encouraging his toddler to “build that wall” with toy blocks, and more.

    Even worse, DeSantis kicked off his general election campaign with a racial slur against Andrew, warning Florida voters not to “monkey it up” by supporting him … DeSantis was a moderator on a racist, white nationalist Facebook page … he refused to return a contribution to a large donor who used the n-word to refer to President Obama … and neo-Nazi groups were quick to back his campaign with shockingly racist robocalls featuring a horrifyingly offensive Andrew impersonator and the sounds of drums and monkeys in the background – ugly, ugly stuff.

    How this race for governor is decided, in this crucial swing state amidst a pivotal election season, will say a ton about us as a country and about the staying power of Trumpism.

    It's CRITICAL that we get out the vote for Andrew -- and you can help by calling Florida voters right from home!

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