Call From Home To Get Out The Vote to Reach Arizona Voters

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    Next call shift for Arizona Voters:  Monday November 5, 8:00-11:00pm EST (5-8pm Arizona Time) 

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    The polls are tight in the Arizona races for governor and senator so we're sending democratic candidates all the help we can. Arizona has become a pivotal swing state and will be critical in gaining democratic control on a national scale. We need your help to make a difference in this historic election!

    Rep. Martha McSally, the Republican running to succeed retiring Sen. Jeff Flake, has a deeply flawed voting record, casting herself as an “immigration hawk” and voting to allow health insurance companies to charge adults over the age of 50 considerably more for health insurance. She is vehemently anti-choice and has launched a series of attack campaigns against the Democrat in the race, Kyrsten Sinema. The race is neck-and-neck as we enter the final weeks of the election.

    David Garcia is also on the ballot for governor of Arizona and needs help in his campaign. David wants Arizona to have top quality schools, good paying jobs and honest government for a change. As Governor, David Garcia will root out the corruption, fight for education, and break the old politics that hold Arizona back.

    Democrats in this state are facing ongoing attacks on the right. We need your help to get word out to Arizona voters about the importance of voting blue. 

    It's CRITICAL that we get out the vote for Garcia and Sinema -- and you can help by calling Arizona voters right from home!

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